LA Series Dry Film Laminator

The LA series laminator is used for the lamination of photosensitive film and solder mask on PCB or other substrates. Pressure and speed can be adjusted according to different materials. It is a tabletop equipment specially designed for thermal pressing and laminating in PCB industry. The equipment can accurately control the pressing temperature, and equipped with a film roller to gather the protective film.


Suitable for wide application

Suitable for processing hard board, flexible board, ceramic substrate, silicon wafer, quartz glass, etc

Suit for varieties of film

Photosensitive film, solder resist film, polyimide film

Adjustable pressure regulator

The upper and down pressure roller equipped with pressure regulator, ensure bubble-free, wrinkle free lamination

Easy loading and unloading

Easy loading and unloading with stepless speed adjustment

Product parameters

Technical data


Lamination width

Max. 400mm

Board thickness

0.2 ~ 3mm

Lamination speed

0.2 ~ 1.2m/min

Temperature range

20 ~ 200℃

Power supply

220VAC/50Hz, 0.7kW

Dimension (W x H x D)

790mm x 590mm x 550mm