Company Culture - Virtue-oriented, Being moderate

DCT believes that one should make clear what they would like to be and the direction which they wish to go first. Then you can be aware of what to do and how to do it.

With a strong connection and background to German companies the Chinese backbone of DCT has been shaped by German or German-related learning and work experiences. German and European colleagues are low-key, confident and deliberate, with a tradition of rigour and seriousness.

In the long term and in daily activities DCT values doing things right and practically through serious study and rigorous application and research. DCT is confident of their technology and know-how.

With the combination of these two styles, the spirit of the DCT team comes into being: do everything with great care, keep on improving, quality first. Thousands of miles are not a long distance for good friends. DCT is proud of our brand and intellectual property rights acquired and developed over the last few decades. By making the best use of our decades of accumulated technical expertise and integrating this accumulated application experience into our products we provide the best Direct Processing products and service.

The name DCT has meaning on many levels. It represents the Sino-German joint venture through Deutsche Chinesische Technik. It also represents the English words “Direct Constructing Technology” which represents DCT’s Direct processing technology. The deeper meaning is to describe the principle and aim of DCT, that is: “Virtue-oriented, Being moderate” and “Design Comes True, Dreams Comes True”.

In the specific case of daily operation, Virtue-oriented, reminds us to not focus on the bottom line and short-term value for ourselves but instead focus on the long-term value for customers. Being moderate tells us to choose win-win situations for society, customers and our company. Virtue is represented in the D of DCT as the D stands for the Chinese word De (德) meaning virtue.

Our name tells us that we will exhibit virtuous behavior and seek out the middle way of win-win for customers, society and our company. We hope that our morality and responsibility will circulate in all our business activities. We believe that virtue and responsibility can form the cycle of growth in business!

The square in Chinese symbolizes the connotation of a person that gets things done, creates products of with quality, that is they must be “square”, with a solid bottom line, involving principles without compromise. We use this to symbolizes our intrinsic characteristics, that is, pursuing quality first, having a successful bottom line, an uncompromising attitude towards principle.


The ellipse is derived from a circle and in Chinese culture, the circle stands for “fulfilled”, “oneness”, “perfection”, “unity”. More specifically, it’s the process of something coming full circle. It symbolizes our desire to fulfill our customer’s needs, to provide perfect and complete technological solutions.


Flexible, open and always improving, and multi-win.


The forward leaning ellipse, symbolizes our continuous improvement, and progress. It also represents flexibility, openness to customers, new ideas and technology.


The company standard blue color symbolizes technology and dream.


 “德中”, the two Chinese characters that follow are the word "DeZhong" is written in regular script, which in Chinese culture implies restraint, modernism and flexiblity.


DCT, the three letters mean that our product is based on Direct Construction Technology, which makes Design Comes True, and Dreams Come True. The transition of the letters from stripped to solid represents the transition of design and dream to reality.

Company Goals: add value for customers, always strive to be the first

Thank you to all our customers, domestic and foreign for choosing DCT! Your choice is our responsibility and DCT promises to dedicate ourselves to accomplish:

High quality products and reliable service adds value for our customers! We are customer value oriented, all work revolves around the interests of our customers. DCT transfers our know-how and advanced technology into our products giving a competitive advantage to our customers. We respect and value our customer and we try to benefit our customers beyond their satisfaction.

─   Environmentally friendly through the use of simplified processed and reduced consumption! Our baseline is to minimize impact on our environment. As a company,we undertake more social responsibility by developing high-tech environmental friendly products. DCT practices the philosophy of direct processing instead of indirect processing which results in greater energy conservation and environmental protection in daily operations.

Deal honestly and fairly with customers and pursue common interests! We cooperate with others on basis of partnership. It is the right way to build company value and motivate further development.

─   Continuous improvement and innovation, being the first in technology! Discovering new applications and new markets, achieving higher performance with lower cost, constantly keeping our competitive advantage. Subvert the market thinking dominated by a philosophy of “selfish interests first and sales first” and replace with products. Only in this way can we create value for customers and the whole society, which is the basis to satisfy our customers, cooperators, staff, shareholder and partners.

DCT knows well that, technology is developing and needs is changing. We should keep on improving, innovating and going beyond ourselves in application, software and hardware, to supply more precise, easier and smooth operation, and stable equipment, which can help customer to realize their dreams, meanwhile, to make our dreams come true.