Worldskill Kazan 2019 electronic competition is in full swing!


As a partner and official sponsor of the 45th World Skills Competition, DCT is a great help in the race!

1355 young competitors from 69 different countries and regions are playing their best in this world's highest-level professional skill competition with the reputation of “World Skills Olympics”.

Among the more than 40 major competitions, the "electronic technology" has always been the highlight of the world competition.


The electronic technology project refers to apply expertise of the electronics industry such as analog- and digital- circuits, and the use of on-site tools and design software to complete the competition of hardware circuit design, printed circuit board design, embedded programming and electronic product assembly.


At the time of publishing, the design phase of the competition has ended. All design data has been transferred from the competition expert team to the DCT engineers, and will be processed by DCT CircuitCAM7 software.

At the same time, the DCT representative in Russia and Engineers from China and Germany started PCB production.


Similar to the rules for competitors, the schedule also has strict limit on the time for board production. The DCT equipment needs to make dozens of high-quality boards in the specified time. A variety of processes need to be done, such as thin lines, internal routing, large format etc.


More important is that in order to ensure the rigor and fairness of the competition, even if there is a design mistake, it needs to be accurately realized on PCB. For example, when designing the circuit with isolated residual copper, the engineer team must ensure that the shape of the residual copper is exactly the same as the design. This is a great request for the equipments and our team.

At present, the circuit board production is nearing the end, and they will be returned to the competitors. Who will win the electronic project champion, let us wait and see.