WT series Laboratory water treatment and cleaning equipment

DCT laboratory treatment equipment, used for waste water treatment in the process of PCB production. It is currently the only laboratory PCB special waste water treatment equipment in China and has been national patented. The equipment can be used together with Developing/Etching/striping equipment, plate brushing machine and other Devices. It can also be used as an independent equipment for unified treatment of laboratory wastewater and recycle into clean water for laboratory use.


first-class national standard

SGS certificated, reach the first-class national discharges standard

Three-layer filtering system

Three-layer filtering system ensure the water quality after treatment

Standard spray washing module

Equipped with spray washing module for circuit board washing

Product parameters

Technical data


Water   treatment unit

Water pump, honeycomb filter, activated carbon filter, ion   exchange resin filter

Acid base   neutralization function


Spray   tank


Water   treatment capacity

≥ 20L/h

Power   supply

220VAC / 50Hz

Power   consumption

0.2 kW

Dimension (W x H x D )

900×600×1,240 mm


77 kg