Creating the future - breaking the limits of traditional materials with innovative DCT technology


In 2002, the pioneers DCT began the exploration of the application of UV nanosecond lasers in materials for electronics. DCT innovative applied lasers to cutting cover film. After more than 10 years of development, cover film cutting with laser has become a mainstream processing technology for flexi-PCB plants.

In 2012, DCT has firstly applied picosecond lasers for electronic materials processing, and created a new era of picosecond lasers in FPC/PCB/SMT applications.

We are proud to announce that the future has come, the DCT picosecond laser equipment is able to cut out a line with width of 10μm on 250μm thick special FPC (with a structure of two layers of Cu and three-layer PI).

We are constantly trying to break through the limits of applications of traditional materials, so that these materials can meet more needs and create the possibility of wider application. The dream will become reality, a new age has begun.

DirectLaser S Series Laser precise cutting system

DCT high-precision and high-quality DirectLaser S series laser cutting system is widely favored by customers. Especially the star product DirectLaser S2, which won the 2019 SMT Vision Award model this year, providing users with a more environmentally friendly, fast, precise and reliable overall solution.

The right laser type can be selected according to different materials, thermal influences and speed. The new DirectLaser S2 has an configurable UV nanosecond laser with a power range of up to 40W, ultraviolet picosecond laser up to 36W and max. average power of 80W for green laser.

The future has come - direct processing technology

DCT continue to meet the growing demand for high-precision manufacturing in R&D activities, and opening up new equipment and technology that use direct processing instead of indirect processing.

With itsflexibility,ease of production and environmentally friendly advantages, DCT’sline of direct processing technology and equipment are predicted to be widely adopted by industry.