DCT has become the 45th World Skills Competition equipment partner and official sponsor!


June 5, 2019, it was confirmed by the organization of the 45th World Skills Competition that DCT became the official partner and sponsor of the 45th Kazan WorldSkills Competition. The electronics competition will be supported by DCT PCB milling machine DM350 and laser direct PCB rapid prototyping machine DL300U for competition support.

Since 2015, the fifth generation of granite-based PCB milling machine DM350 has been launched by DCT. The performance has reached a new standard in the industry. Moreover, this new design and structure was a unique for 4 years, until this year other similar products are available.

Due to the high performance and high stability of DM350, since its release in 2015, such equipment has gradually appeared in many R&D center, and being widely used in enterprises, universities, and research institutes for PCB prototyping.